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Devils Train

Raven Tattoo with Lyrics

Gave it all Away (velvet box)


Nothing but your love to wear

Aint no good thing gonna come

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Raven Tattoo

Just four short years ago Earle Nelson began a new journey in life and music.   I was a long, long time coming.  Sixty years to be exact.

Against all odds Earle has survived thirty plus years of substance abuse, brutal family tragedies, near death accidents and working insufferable jobs for thirty five year to support a family of six.  Times have been sometimes very kind and at other times very, very cruel.  This life experience  has given Earle a deep universal perspective on what we all call living.  

  As they say, "He's been around".

Born in Quinlan Texas, raised in Venice California,  living in Philadelphia for twenty three years , then finding his way back to Austin Texas makes for a very interesting mix of both social and musical influences.

A great way to describe Earle's music is an intoxicating brew of Hank Williams meets Bono, and then throw in a good dose of Springsteen to complete the sonic and visual picture.

Earle blends his true grit vocal style  with a larger than life presence on stage to breathe truth and soul into all of his songs.  There is something definitely familiar to the ear with his music but uniquely Earle Nelson.

Comments range from infectious rocking energy to passionate realism.

New York, Austin, Nashville and Philadelphia.  Earle Nelson is the real thing.

Join him on his musical  journey to the heart of Truth, Wisdom and Blood.

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